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Spring Consignment Sale Time is Here!

Posted February 22, 2009 10:56pm by Admin

Amidst all of the bad economic news in the media today, here is a bright spot for Kansas City families.  Spring consignment sale time is here!

Actually, the sales start in earnest in March (which is next Sunday, people!) but you can sign up as a consignor now. Pull out your kids’ old clothes, your old strollers and pack ‘n plays and all of that other stuff you now realize you don’t need to stack in your basement. And make some MONEY off of it all!

There are many different sales to choose from.  Check out our full listing here – CONSIGNMENT SALES IN KANSAS CITY METRO AREA.  Pick a sale, read their participation guidelines, price and tag your goods and drop them off!  You’ll pay a $10 to $12 entry fee and will make 60 – 70% of your sales.  (Not like it’s making any more than that sitting in that Rubbermaid tub in your storage room…)

And, if MAKING money isn’t good enough, consignment sales help you SAVE money too! These things are the biggest, baddest garage sales you’ve ever seen – full of great clothes for FANTASTIC prices.  I’ve been able to get Gap, Gymboree, Hartstrings and more for a ridiculously low cost at previous sales.

Not everything there is going to be in great shape or of the best quality. You do need to have a little bit of time and patience in order to find the good stuff – but it is totally worth it.  Especially in the current financial state.

So, check out these sales – they get bigger and better each season!  Have fun!

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