About Us

Welcome to KC Kids Fun! You are at the right place if you are looking for fun things to do with your family in Kansas City!

KC Kids Fun came to be in the late winter/early spring of 2008 and was created by two friends who found themselves in the early stages of parenting. When they couldn’t find something that met their needs (an unbiased, comprehensive directory-driven site chock full of STUFF TO DO), they built it. The initial incarnation of this website received such an amazing response, first from friends and then from strangers, that they immediately began to think a little bit bigger.

Kiran Chandra and Kate McKinney hired someone to help redesign their original template, created a marketing plan and…lo and behold, it took off. Television appearances. Advertisers. Community partnerships. And READERS! Lots and lots of loyal, subscribing readers. Now eight years old, KC Kids Fun is a well-oiled machine and we are thankful for our growing readership and advertising roster.


Kiran has one son and one daughter who keep her busy.  Prior to staying home with her family, she was a specialty sales rep for a global pharmaceutical company. Born and raised in Kansas City, Kiran has ties to almost every part of the metro. She has lived on both sides of the state line. She has lived on the Plaza, south Kansas City, MO, Prairie Village and southern Johnson County. Add in a ton of extended family members in eastern Jackson County and Kiran is familiar with almost every nook and cranny of this town! Kiran also runs a successful digital marketing/social media company, K2Media.

Kate is a mom of three sons and one daughter and co-founded KC Kids Fun with Kiran.  She is a Kansas City girl through and through – as a kid, she lived in Platte and Clay Counties, then Johnson County; as an adult, she’s lived out south and downtown. Kate has recently returned to practicing law but still relies heavily on the site as she keeps her brood busy!

Contact KC Kids Fun by leaving a comment if you have any questions or want us to know about someplace new around town. Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you!

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