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Posted July 31, 2017 6:59am by Jane

It looks like this weekend’s beautiful weather is going to continue, and there’s no better place to enjoy the fantastic temps than at one of KC’s many area parks and playgrounds! Here’s a list of some new and old favorite haunts in our household. Or, check out our more extensive Parks & Playgrounds listing for even more ideas!

Valley Park: Within the past few years, Grandview, MO, did some significant updating to their parks. Valley Park, which offers tons of rope-climbing fun, is one of the most unique parks in the KC Metro area, with great rope-climbing structures, giant musical instruments, slides, and more. Grandview’s Freedom Park also offers a great time with it’s newly-renovated (and fun to look at) playground area.

Loose Park: This is an all-time favorite with my kids. In addition to visiting the ducks in the pond, meandering around the path, run through the green spaces and smelling the roses in the Rose Garden, we love playing on the updated playground equipment.

Roe Park: The newly-renovated Roe Park has something for everyone: Big fields to play in, a fun new playground, great shady areas to enjoy a snack, and a beautiful walking/bike trail that also trails into the woods for some creek exploration.

Take a hike: If you and the kids love to explore nature, there are tons of fun parks to visit. Ironwoods Park and Gezer Park in Leawood are great place for younger kids, as the trails are in a more confined space and it’s easy to keep an eye on the kids. If you want to spread out more, Swope Park and Shawnee Mission Park offer great trails and tons of other fun things to do with the family.

Whatever park or playground you enjoy this week, be sure to share in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Grandview Parks & Rec (Valley Park) and Leawood Parks & Rec (Gezer Park).

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