It’s Time for Berry Picking in Kansas City!

Posted June 19, 2009 12:51am by Jane

We had a weird spring here in the Kansas City metro area and, while it affected all of us, it reeeeeealllllly affected our local growers. We had a lot of rain (usually good) and a late freeze (overwhelmingly bad). Some crops were damaged, others just delayed. But here we are – mid-June. And the berries are upon us!


Have you ever taken the kids berry picking? Did you go as a child? I can remember strawberry picking as a child and then watching my mother make and can preserves. Mason jars, lots of boiling water, paraffin wax and probably a lot of whining by me. I didn’t like strawberries. Have I mentioned that I was kind of a weird kid?!

I’m not sure about my 7-year-old but I KNOW that my 6-year-old is dying to get out to pick some beautiful, plump blueberries this summer. I think she’ll eat them just as fast as she can pick them though!

The blueberries are ripening now and will be generally available through mid-August in our area. Several farms also grow blackberries, which ripen up a bit later. Look for blackberries starting about July 1st through September/October.

I know of one local grower that has strawberries in season. Unfortunately, that season is over. The same grower though has red raspberries available to pick. Yum!

Here are the Kansas City-area berry picking spots to check out:

  • The Berry Patch (just south of Leawood & Martin City) – HUGE crop of blueberries and blackberries, great activities for kids!
  • Cy & Dee’s Blackberry Farm (Louisburg, KS) – 28615 Rockville Rd., 913-837-2254
  • Duncan’s Berry Farm (Smithville, MO) – might not have you-pick berries this year, probably should call first
  • Schreiman Orchards (Waverly, MO) – 660-493-2477 – berries and peaches, an hour east of KC
  • Sibley Orchards (Sibley, Jackson County, MO) – blackberries (and peaches and apples in season)
  • Wagon Wheel Orchard (Gardner, KS) – no berries here (and the cherries were freeze-damaged this year) but look for peaches and apples beginning in August

For a few more in the outlying areas, check out the Pick-Your-Own Farms and Orchards site for state-by-state lists:

*photo via barcoder96

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